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Preventive maintenance is proactive. Rather than wait for something to fail, checks and fixes are performed at predetermined intervals to prevent any of your assets failing and your business experiencing unplanned downtime.

Your business depends on your IT working well, all the time. Safeguard your business by making sure that avoidable breakdowns are detected and corrected in advance.

How do you benefit?

We offer a comprehensive schedule of periodic checks on all your computers to ensure that:


All your computers have the latest security updates and are ready to face virus outbreaks and intrusions by any other malware.


Your computers are delivering their full performance and any errors indicating potential failure are detected in advance before it can impact your business. The hardware will be cleaned to ensure optimal performance.

Case Studies

A business employing 20 people depends on their server for their day to day running. Unknown to them, one of the hard drives is signalling an imminent failure, which would mean that their server's mirroring function would no longer work, putting their data in danger. Will they find out before the next hard drive fails and all data is lost?

An owner of a small business keeps all his files on his laptop. Unknown to him, the drive is failing. His computer logs these error messages. Will he find out in time?


In both case, the error logs were caught during a routine preventive maintenance.

In the server's case, the hard drive, part of a RAID array, was replaced in a simple call out that took less than 1 hour and involved no downtime. The data was kept safe. If it were not for the preventive maintenance visit, the situation would have escalated to the server needing to be installed afresh, and the data lost.

In the laptop's case, the hard drive contents were imaged to a new hard drive. This could be scheduled at a time when it did not affect business. If it were not for the preventive maintenance visit, the hard drive would have failed, disrupting the business and losing the data.

How much does it cost?

This will depend on the frequency, amount of computers, servers, routers and firewalls involved, and tests performed. We will be happy to meet with you, discuss your needs, and give you a quotation which you will surely fit your budget.


Protect your servers

Ensure that there are no threats to your servers

Server Care Plan

A scheduled daily checkup to ensure the integrity of your servers.

Let us tell you why you need regular preventive maintenance

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