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Protect your livelihood

Your data is the most important resource that your business has. Think about this – what would happen to your business if:


You lost all your business contacts?


You lost your creditor data and do not know who owes you money?


You lost the information you need to complete your VAT and Income Tax returns?


You have a virus outbreak, or a ransomware attack?


Your office building collapses due to a natural disaster or a construction accident?

How do you protect yourself?

We recommend three layers of protection

Layer 1

Store your backup in your office, maybe using a NAS. This will enable you to do a quick restore if need be.

Layer 2

Store a copy in the cloud, to make sure you have copies on a different storage medium.

Layer 3

Store a copy in a different site. This will enable you to have access to your data in case of a physical disaster.

Is it really needed?

Many tend to view a comprehensive backup solution as an expensive luxury. After all, the likelihood is that it will never be needed. So why go through the expense of having so many layers?

Having a backup solution is like having car insurance. You do not expect to use your car insurance during the year. However, on the rare occasions when it is needed, its value is immediately clear. Also, car insurances provide different levels of cover, depending on the peace of mind the buyer requires.

Similarly, good backups will save your business on the rare occasions when they are needed. And a multi-layered approach will give you a fully comprehensive coverage which provides a strong safety net.



7 out of 10 small firms that experience a major data loss go out of business within a year.


30% of all businesses that have a major fire go out of business within a year and 70% fail within five years.


77% of those companies who do test their tape backups found back-up failures.

The Solution

Acronis Backup Cloud delivers the best data protection for virtual, physical, mobile and cloud environments. Back up to any storage and recover to any platform.

Acronis Backup Cloud is a highly customizable, cost-effective solution that backs up your data from any source and recovers it to any destination and system. Powered by the Acronis AnyData Engine, Acronis Backup Cloud provides a best-in-class solution that is easy, complete and safe.

How do you benefit?

Your business needs a backup solution that provides maximum ease of use and compatibility across all the mediums and platforms that you need and use.

Complete Solution

One solution that covers all your needs: backup of your physical servers, application servers, VMs, websites, workstations, laptops, mobile devices and Office 365 mailboxes.

Flexible Recovery

Recover from any source (public or private clouds) to any destination, including Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, your own data center or other third-party infrastructure.

Fast Adoption

Simple, user-friendly interface that manages any data protection task. End-users can perform daily operations efficiently with an easy-to-learn, scalable tool.

No Startup Costs

Pay-as-you-go pricing eliminates startup or sunk costs and allows you to scale efficiently. Achieve full-cost transparency, immediate savings on storage costs and avoid hidden charges.

AI-based ransomware protection

Defend your data, systems and backups from ransomware with Acronis Active Protection.

Fast, reliable backups

Avoid backup files corruption, resume/stop backup jobs any time, back up at 500 MB/second and faster.

Acronis Instant Restore

Recover systems in seconds by starting any system directly from backup storage.

Acronis Universal Restore

Perform dissimilar hardware recovery dramatically faster, without incompatibility issues.

Pricing Plans

Pricing plans and options

We recommend the following three layers of protection. You may choose one or two layers to select your budget.

Layer 1 - On-site backup

2.99 + VAT per month + size add-on below

  • 10GB storage add-on: €0.60 monthly
  • 25GB storage add-on: €1.50 monthly
  • 100GB storage add-on: €5.99 monthly
  • 250GB storage add-on: €14.97 monthly
  • 1000GB storage add-on: €59.89 monthly
Layer 2 - Cloud backup

10.99 + VAT per month + size add-on below

  • 10GB storage add-on: €1.29 monthly
  • 25GB storage add-on: €3.19 monthly
  • 100GB storage add-on: €12.52 monthly
  • 250GB storage add-on: €30.35 monthly
  • 1000GB storage add-on: €115.33 monthly
Layer 3 - Off-site backup

P.O.A. depending on individual requirements

  • Collection of NAS following backup completed
  • Delivery of next NAS in the scheduled backup
  • Secure storage of multiple NAS containing the latest backups

Protect your data

How can you find out if someone deletes some of your data, whether accidentally or maliciously?


Proactively track, audit, report, alert on and respond to, all access to files and folders on Windows Servers and in the cloud.

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