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Targeted preventive maintenance

Your servers are at the heart of your business. Why should you take special care of them?


If your server goes down, your employees' work will grind to a halt.


If your server gets hacked, your confidential data will be exposed to third parties.


If your server backups fail, you will no longer be protected against losing your data.

How do you benefit?

We will schedule a daily check on your servers.

Backup Check

We will check that the previous night's backup was successful. We will also restore a test file to ensure the integrity of the backup.

Security Logs

We will check the security logs to ensure that there were no malicious login attempts in the last 24 hours.


We will check the logs for the past 24 hours to ensure that there are no indications of imminent hardware failures or software issues.

Case Studies

A business employing 10 people had one server that took care of their emails and confidential files. Overnight, a coordinated brute force attack was initiated to try and crack their administrator password. If undetected, their server will eventually be compromised.

A business employing 20 people had a server that stored their client's accounting files. One of the hard drives developed a fault and was being marked in the logs as an imminent failure. If left, the hard drive will eventually fail and lose the data.

A business employing 7 people performed a daily backup. However, their network storage device developed a fault, and the backups were not finishing successfully. If left, future restores will not be possible.


All these issues were detected during a routine check.

The hack attempt was detected before the hackers managed to gain access. The firewall settings were changed to block these attempts and the hackers were thwarted.

The log from the drive's SMART was detected. The drive was replaced before it failed, all without any downtime.

The NAS failure was detected during a routine checkup. The NAS was immediately replaced and an unscheduled backup run.

Pricing Plans

Pricing plans and options

Please contact us if you need a tailor made solution.

Server Care Plan

125 + VAT per month per server

  • Daily backup test
  • Daily security log checkup
  • Daily general log checkup

Preventive maintenance

Do not limit your preventive checks to just the servers. We provide a package to ensure each employee's computer is working to its full potential

Preventive Maintenance

Do not wait for IT problems to stop your business. Our preventive maintenance schedule ensures you are always productive.

Make sure your business works 24/7

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