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Remote work in all sectors has been steadily rising over the years. Employees need the flexibility to look after their children when they get back home. Traffic and long commutes impact the productivity and availability of employees. Additionally, the recent social distancing rules have imposed remote work on many.

This is also attractive from the employers point of view. Remote work can significantly reduce the costs of office space, utilities, and other expenses needed to keep an office running. As a result, many companies are looking at ways to make further use of remote workers, embracing a ‘remote first’ and ‘agile team’ philosophy.

How do you ensure that your remote employees are properly supervised and remain fully productive, even when working from home?

Teramind provides the solution. Click here to get an online demonstration of the capabilities of this product.

How do you benefit?

Teramind Ensures Productivity and Security for Your Off-Site Teams

Productivity Analysis

Tell Teramind which applications and websites you consider productive then get in-depth reports on how the employees spends their time. Discourage unproductive activity and too idle time by setting up automated alerts.

Complete Activity Monitoring

Teramind monitors all user activity over endpoints, servers/terminal servers, network and the Cloud covering 12+ system objects like: web, apps, email, files etc. even on-screen content in real-time.

Task Management

Let remote workers manage their own tasks and track as they switch between different tasks. Or, you can set up tasks that get assigned automatically based on the user's application / website usage.

Online and Offline Tracking

Teramind Agent monitors activity and enforces admin policies and rules even when the user is offline.

Why do you need it?

Remote Work is Popular Among Companies Globally

A 2019 report shows that 70% of professionals globally work remotely at least once a week, while 53% work remotely for at least half of the week. Yet:


Many companies lack tools & policies for remote work


70% of remote employees feel left out of the workplace due to lack of knowledge sharing and communication practices.


According to a report, more than 75% of employees don’t bother with privacy measures when working remotely in a public place.


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10 features to strengthen your remote workforce

Successfully Manage Off-Site Teams with Teramind

Get Complete Visibility on All Remote User Activity

Teramind visually records every action that all remote users make not just your remote employees but also third-party vendors and external contractors. They can be on a local machine, remote domain, servers or terminal servers. Teramind tracks virtually all system objects like: web, apps, email, file transfers, etc. Uncover what your users are up to both online and offline. Each object can be configured to take into consideration what needs to be monitored and who has access to the monitored records. This allows for instant administrative oversight in respect to all user activity while complying with any privacy requirements.

Increase Productivity of Your Off-Site Workforce

With Teramind, track both in-office and remote employee activity throughout the day, then aggregate that data to produce detailed metrics, such as:

  • A breakdown of work-related vs. non-work-related tasks.
  • Minute-to-minute trend graphs showing how much time is spent on specific projects.
  • Prioritize important projects and ensure your team is focused on them.
  • Use the various productivity reports to track progress and adjust tasks to ensure they meet their productivity goals.

Reduce Administrative Overhead

With Teramind’s built-in administrative features, many of the repetitive yet import clerical tasks can be automated or made efficient. For example, with Teramind you can:

  • Setup schedules and automatically track attendance, breaks, sick hours, late shifts, absence etc.
  • Track the time, performance and cost for projects with remote contractors and hourly remote employees reducing the need for manual invoicing and oversight.
  • Reduce project supervision by automatically identifying tasks based on employee apps and web usage.

Increase Remote Worker Engagement

Develop your own KPIs and metrics to measure remote employee engagement: how many hours are your home-based workers active? Maybe they’re spending too much time on social media because you are not there to see them? Getting buried under Emails? You can track employee performance over time and see if they are on a decreasing trend. Identify the cause of disengagement and then systematically address them. For example:

  • Address communication issues by identifying which methods works best for your remote team (i.e. email/phone/IM).
  • Reduce time spend on developing performance reviews by automatically identifying high performing vs laggards.
  • Provide a continuous, automated feedback based on their behavior & activity.

Optimize Workflows and Reduce Cost

Teramind can track employee active vs idle time and allows you to send automated notifications to remote workers if they are idling excessively. With payroll reports and activity category breakdown, you can build an accurate estimate of which type of works takes how much time and then set your team’s deliverables accordingly reducing slack times and overtime hours. Using the software’s device monitoring feature, you can implement policies like set a limit on printer to reduce paper and ink waste.

Improve Time Management

Use Teramind Revealed Agent to let remote users themselves identify and track what projects/tasks they're working on reducing supervision time. Or, use the Hidden Agent to automatically assign tasks to employees based on their apps/web activity. Use built-in scheduler to track attendance; receive alerts when users deviate from their scheduled work hours.

Additionally, Teramind has integration support for all your favorite project management tools like JIRA, Trello, BaseCamp, Redmine etc.

Detect Suspicious Behavior with Automated Policy & Rules

Define what constitutes dangerous or harmful user behavior and Teramind’s sophisticated anomaly engine will automatically detect when an employee deviates from their normal parameters or exceeds acceptable risk levels. Teramind can detect anomalies in applications, emails, network, file activities and more. Immediately get notified about harmful user activity, lock out user or take remote control of the compromised system before any malicious or fraudulent attempts are made.

Use Remote Desktop Control for Security and Training

A user's ability to access a desktop can be instantly taken away by putting Teramind's remote control feature to use. Manually overriding an account removes the user from the equation, ensuring that activity is contained, and potential threats are eliminated. Remote control can be started by simply clicking on the remote icon on all live sessions. Override all manual inputs by a user to prevent sensitive data from being altered and data breaches from occurring.

Monitor and Audit Remote Logins and Network Activity

Teramind's network monitoring tools allow administrators to monitor network traffic for all remote users connected to your business network, their identity, location, time and exact IP ports utilized for the connection. Additionally, automated networking rules can alert administrator when suspicious remote user activity is detected. For example, repeated connection attempts, initiation of specific root processes, use of suspicious connection protocols, login sessions at abnormal hours etc. Network monitoring allows administrators to block connections or data transmissions from a remote user for individual IP addresses or computers.

Build a Security Sandbox for Unsanctioned Remote Users

Teramind allows you to create virtual servers on Windows, VMware Horizon etc. Utilizing this capability, you can for example, setup a Terminal Server for your remote vendors or contractors and install the Teramind Agent on it. Users can then login to the server using RDP keeping out of your internal network and repositories. At the same time, you can record their activates separately, restrict access or take control of the server in case of an incident keeping rest of your business immune to disruption.

Pricing Plans

Pricing plans and options

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Prices start from:

60 + VAT per month for 5 users

  • Three different subscription levels available
  • Cloud and on-premises deployments available
  • Packages also available for specialized industries such as finance and legal

Tools for Remote Working

We will be happy to consult with you on how you can provide a good infrastructure for remote working. We also recommend the following services or products to ensure that your team is fully productive, wherever they are working from.

Communication Systems

Take your office extension home with you.

Microsoft 365 Business

Enable your team to work productively, even when they are out of the office.

Firewalls and VPNs

Give remote employees access to your network with a hardware firewall and VPN access.

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