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Ransomware is a type of virus infection which locks your files. This stops you from being able to access any of your data. The attacker will then demand that you pay him money to get a decryption key to regain access to your files.

Noteworthy Statistics

- About 1 in 6,000 emails contain suspicious URLs, including ransomware.

- Malicious emails are up 600% due to COVID-19.

- The average ransom fee requested has increased from $5,000 in 2018 to around $200,000 in 2020.

- The average downtime a company experiences after a ransomware attack is 21 days.

How do you protect your business?

We recommend the following four-step solution:

Offsite Backup

Security Software

File Monitoring Software

Employee Education

1. Offsite Backup

Besides your file servers, ransomware attacks will also target your backup drives and cloud storage services. The only secure backup is one that is disconnected from your network. We can provide you with a solution. Every day, or as per your preferred schedule, we will pick up your latest backup and store it in our secure location. Please contact us for an estimate of the costs involved.

2. Security Software

Prevent ransomware from getting on your computer by using software that can block phishing sites and other malicious online destinations. We are proud resellers for Webroot Business Endpoint Protection.

3. File Monitoring Software

Set up email alerts and a triggered response for mass access events such as the copy, deletion or creation of bulk files. Automatically terminate any process that breaches such preset rules. We are proud resellers for FileAudit, which can be configured to provide you with this solution.

4. Employee Education

Ransomware is typically spread through phishing attacks. Mitigate this risk by educating your staff to identify and avoid suspicious emails. We provide short seminars to ensure your staff is equipped to deal with this threat.


Protect your servers

Ensure that there are no threats to your servers

Server Care Plan

A scheduled daily checkup to ensure the integrity of your servers.

Let us show you how to improve your protection against ransomware attacks.

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