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User access management

Enable customized, two-factor authentication on Windows logon, RDP and VPN connections.

Set policies to authorize, deny or limit any login (including wireless and remote access).

Get real time visibility and insights into all user access. Interact and respond to any session, direct from the console.

Get a centralized audit for reports on all Active Directory user login events and attempts. Prove regulatory compliance, support forensics and track down threats.

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How do you benefit?

UserLock gives you the following main benefits:

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Avoid Network & Data Breaches

By adding two-factor authentication, access policies, restrictions and real-time insight around Active Directory user logins, UserLock helps ensure only the appropriate use of critical systems and sensitive data.

Prevent insider threats

With UserLock, the ability to successfully logon (and remain logged on)
becomes more than just whether the right credentials are used.

Stop external attacks and lateral movement

UserLock stops an attacker’s ability to use compromised credentials at the point of intrusion (the most common threat action*) and as they move laterally within the network in an effort to find, access and steal data.

Manage a controlled access policy

Set different login limitations to ensure every user has sufficient access rights to fully perform their tasks, but no more.

Accurate logon logoff forensics

A centralized and searchable audit trail makes it easy to perform accurate forensics or prove regulatory compliance – freeing up time and resources for other critical tasks.

Secure wireless & remote user access

UserLock takes into consideration access from all session types and devices. It permits an organization to better control and restrict access to their wireless networks and user connections from outside the domain.

Pricing Plans

Pricing plans and options

Please contact us if your organisation needs more simultaneous sessions than listed in the package below


600 + VAT

This pack includes up to:

  • 50 simultaneous sessions
  • Maintenance (minor and major releases and technical support) for the first year

Find out how UserLock can protect access to your network.

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