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WebDrive is the productivity tool for file access, creating a single interface to all of your cloud and corporate servers without the resource drain of syncing all of your files. WebDrive reduces the technical support burden, enables secure access and improves productivity.

Map SharePoint as a Network Drive

Access SharePoint and OneDrive within the applications you already use. Easily edit Adobe, text, and all versions of Office.

Access the Cloud in a Click

Box, S3, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and more can be accessed right from your Windows Explorer or Mac Finder.

Securely Connect to SFTP and FTP Servers

WebDrive is the FTP client you already know how to use. Map FTP and SFTP servers as a drive letter for productivity and convenience.

Improve WebDAV Access

WebDrive is the WebDAV client with options to mount at startup and lock server files. It works the way the native Windows WebDAV redirector should work.

How do you benefit?

See how WebDrive can make you more productive

Simple to manage

Designed with IT managers in mind, WebDrive is easy to implement on a large number of desktops. With the ability to embed the registration code, pre-set the connections that your users need and even run automated installs, large implementation could not be easier.

Simple to use

WebDrive’s instantly familiar interface lets you seamlessly work with cloud storage and corporate SFTP and WebDAV servers right from your desktop. Your users will be able to access cloud storage using a drive letter, in the same way they now use a network drive.

Be productive after a cloud migration

Your personnel will continue using their data in the same way as before the migration, thus avoiding the need for retraining and reduced productivity.

Pricing Plans

Pricing plans and options

Please contact us for a quotation if you need to purchase 10 licenses or more.

WebDrive - Single Seat License

36.83 + VAT

Supports the following connectors:

  • Box.com
  • Amazon S3
  • DropBox
  • Google Drive
  • SharePoint/Office 365
  • OneDrive
  • GroupDrive
  • FTP/S
  • SFTP
  • HTTP/S
  • WebDAV/S

Find out how WebDrive can simplify how you use your cloud products.

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